domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

New Menu - Fall 2014! 

Some of our newbies:  

Arequipa Mix Appetizers

Some of or most known traditional dishes: Fried cheesse, Potatoes with Ocopa Arequipeña (tradicional mild spicy sauce), Escribano (potatoes, Rocoto, tomatoes and viegar), baked pork, and the famous Rocoto Relleno ( Stuffes hot pepper)

Amazonian Paiche

Exótico Amazonian fish, covert with crispy red quinoa, and served with mashed yucca, aromatized in aguaymanto, and chicha morada (purple corn sauce) 

Salmon - Pisco - Aguaymanto

Salmon filet with mango carpaccio, aguaymanto  and fresh herbs. Served with sweet potato puree and passion fruit, aromatized with pisco